Sunday, 5 March 2017

New Seminar Series: Connecting 'Medieval' Worlds

A new medieval history and archaeology series, organized by University of Manchester students.

2017 Programme

16th March, 5-7pm: 'Rethinking the Urban Revolution in World History', Conrad Leyser (University of Oxford)
Room 4.211, University Place

30th March, 5-7pm: 'Options and Experiments: Defining the "Global Middle Ages"', Naomi Standen (University of Birmingham)
Room 4.211, University Place

4th May, 5-7pm: 'Medieval Mobility Beyond the Nomadic/Sedenary State', Monica White (University of Nottingham)
Room 4.211, University Place

18th May, 5-7pm: 'Wheat, Arms, and Secrets - Carlo II Toco and the Republic of Ragusa', Robin Shields (Royal Holloway); 'Declassifying Trade Systems in an International Era', Adam Simmons (University of Lancaster)
Room G006, Renold Building

1st June, 5-7pm: 'Ritual and Economy: Thinking Through a 12th C. Shrine from Northern Ghana', Holly Atkinson (University of Manchester); TBC, Anna Kelley (University of Birmingham)
Room G006, Renold Building

15th June, 5-7pm: TBC
Conference Room, The Graduate School, Ellen Wilkinson Building

Refreshments provided. All welcome. For more information, please email the seminar convenors.

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  1. Great article, nice events to be happening in our city.